About us

We at CRAFT SPORTS had our grand opening on November 23rd, 2020, here in Naples, Florida. As a Japanese Company, we strive for perfection. The owner, Mr. Kazuki Furusawa now brings his successful Japanese business model specializing in Skyline GT-Rs to the U.S. as the extension to his company in Japan. Kazuki-san has devoted his full attention to challenge the U.S. markets which he has dreamed of achieving for many years.


 We are very excited to now be able to share our passion for Right-Hand Drive (RHD) Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) vehicles with our specially handpicked selection of Skyline GT-Rs and other JDM legends in the United States! CRAFT SPORTS has brought the dreams of purchasing a JDM vehicle from a licensed automotive dealership just like you would any USDM vehicle into fruition. Our selection of JDM vehicles are all Federally Legal and titled here in the U.S. The titles are fully transferable to all 50 States. After purchasing one of our vehicles, we can source genuine factory parts and Nismo parts that are in stock for our customers.


Our Company


Top of the line JDM imports.


Unmatched quality and service.

Service You Can Trust


All of our vehicles are serviced and tested before export.


We are lifelong fans of the GT-R and are excited to share that passion with you.